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The expense figures for the year are in line with the year to date numbers i.e tracking consistently below budget partly because it has been difficult to get necessary work done for reasons we all aware of. (my car won’t be repaired until the beginning of November.)

I have set the Admin budget on the assumption that there will be some catch up of backlogs in the current year and this is reflected in some big increases in some expenses such as  carpet and window
window cleaning and repairs and maintenance. Insurance is up and has already been paid as is the community association levy.

I have made an allowance of $50K for capex plus another $30K for the capital cost of necessary fire equipment.

As per the tentative agreement reached at the last strata meeting I am suggesting Strata Fees go up $20K ( a shade over 5%) and this revenue should be added to the Capital Works  Budget.
This will leave the Admin Budget with a small deficit but there is plenty in kitty to cover this.